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Study on Leaf Structure Characteristics of Phyllostachys edulis and Its Two Variants
HU Si-si, Kong Ling-hui, XIAO Jiao, HU Tian-yi, DENG Meng, YANG Guang-yao, YU Fen
2024, 43(1): 1-10.   doi: 10.12390/jbr2023072
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【Objective】 In order to unveil the functional differences of leaves of Phyllostachys edulis and its two variants,Ph. edulis 'Pachyloen’ and Ph. edulis 'Bicanna’,and their relationships with the morphological characteristics of bamboo culms.【Method】 The study employed paraffin sectioning and microscopy techniques to investigate the morphological and anatomical features of leaves,thereby three-dimensional morphological structure diagram of the leaves were created and the physiological indexes were determined through anthrone colorimetry. The study also observed variations in culm shape factors among different bamboo species,followed by a detailed examination of the correlation between leaf structure and culm shape characteristics. 【Result】 The results of this study suggest that Ph. edulis has greater leaf area bulliform cell area,and vascular bundle area,along with thicker leaves,lower epidermis and mesophyll. These specific leaf structural characteristics of Ph. edulis exceed those observed in the other two bamboo species,which is more conductive to photosynthesis. The leaf structure and culm morphology of Ph. Edulis,and its variant type,Ph. edulis 'Pachyloen’,have a strong correlation. 【Conclusion】 The structural characteristics of Ph. edulis leaves are more conducive to photosynthesis and promote the accumulation of vital substances for the growth of bamboo culms. Both Ph. edulis and its variant,Ph. edulis 'Pachyloen’,can balance resource allocation by modifying the traits of leaf and culm so as to ensure consistent growth. This study establishes a foundation for further unveiling growth and development mechanism of bamboo,providing a scientific basis for generating novel bamboo germplasm.
Effects of Mixed Fermentation with Moso Bamboo Shoots on the Changes of Main Functional Substances and Nutritional Components of Pickled and Dried Mustard
LIU Ren-jie, BIAN Fang-yuan, HUANG Zhi-yuan, YI Kui-xin
2024, 43(1): 11-18.   doi: 10.12390/jbr2023037
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【Objective】 To investigate the effects of different fermentation methods on the main nutrients and functional content of pickled and dried mustard,and to provide a certain theoretical basis for improving the production process of pickled and dried mustard. 【Method】 Two fermentation methods,i.e. mixed fermentation of bamboo shoots and mustard and separate fermentation of mustard,were used to produce pickled and dried mustard,and then the nutrients such as proteins,soluble sugars and dietary fibers as well as minerals and functional substances of the two types of pickled and dried mustard and fresh mustard were measured and analyzed. 【Result】 The results showed that the content of mineral elements such as calcium,iron,magnesium and potassium of the mixed fermented pickled and dried mustard was significantly lower than that of the individually fermented pickled and dried mustard,in which the content of iron and magnesium was significantly lower than that of fresh mustard at the same time,and only the content of phosphorus was significantly higher than that of the individually fermented pickled and dried mustard and fresh mustard,indicating that the effect of mixed fermentation on the content of mineral elements of pickled and dried mustard was smaller than that of individually fermented. Compared with fresh mustard,there was a significant increase in dietary fiber and protein content and a small decrease in soluble sugar content in the mixed fermented pickled and dried mustard,whereas there was a significant decrease in nutrient content of soluble sugar,dietary fiber and protein in the individually fermented pickled and dried mustard. In addition,differences in fermentation methods significantly affected the changes in functional substance content,where mixed fermentation significantly enhanced the content of antioxidant functional substances such as vitamin E,β-carotene and vitamin C in pickled and dried mustard. 【Conclusion】 Overall,differences in fermentation methods significantly affected the content of mineral elements,major nutrients and functional substances of pickled and dried mustard. Comparatively,the mixed fermentation method has a better ability to increase the nutrients and antioxidant substances content of pickled and dried mustard.
Analysis of Bamboo Button Industry and Processing Technology Based on Bamboo as a Substitute for Plastic
ZHAO Xiang, YE Han-zhou, CHEN Fu-ming, CHENG Hai-tao, GAO Zhi-min, QI Chong-ke, WANG Ge
2024, 43(1): 19-27.   doi: 10.12390/jbr2023043
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The manufacturing processes involved in plastic button production,including the processing,molding,and post-processing of raw materials,cause certain pollution to the environment. The popularization of green environmental protection concepts and the evolution in the apparel and fashion industry have led to new demands for innovation and transformation in the button-making industry. The Chinese government,in collaboration with the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization,launched the Bamboo as a Substitute for Plastic Initiative in November 2022,aiming at reducing plastic pollution and addressing climate changes. Bamboo buttons,an archetypal product of this drive,offer advantages in terms of resources,industry,markets,and environmental protection while also serve as a tangible representation of the traditional Chinese culture,such as bamboo and clothing. This paper provided an overview of button types,market status,and the industrial advantages and economic analysis of bamboo buttons as alternatives to plastic buttons. The processing techniques,fundamental properties,and key technological challenges in bamboo button production were discussed. Moreover,the paper addressed the deficiencies in the current bamboo button industry by proposing recommendations and prospects for strengthening policy support,promoting technological transformation,innovating processing technologies,and facilitating the integration of traditional culture and exploration of consumer markets. The objective of this review is to fulfill goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality,implement the Bamboo as a Substitute for Plastic Initiative,and provide new approaches for developing a human community with a shared future as well as China’s green and modernized industries.
Study on the Effects of Different Preparation Temperatures on the Physicochemical Properties of the Hydrothermal Charcoal of Dendrocalamus farinosus
YANG Fan-qin, LI Han-han, HU Shang-lian
2024, 43(1): 28-35.   doi: 10.12390/jbr2023055
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【Objective】 To systematically study the changes of physical and chemical properties of bamboo-based hydrothermal charcoal at different hydrothermal temperatures. 【Method】 In this paper,bamboo-based hydrothermal charcoal was prepared from Dendrocalamus farinosus at a series of hydrothermal temperatures (453,493,513,533 and 573 K),the physicochemical properties of hydrothermal charcoal such as element content,pore structure and surface functional groups were characterized,and the adsorption performance of uranium (U6+) was evaluated. 【Result】 The results showed that:the cultivated D. farinosus was rich in cellulose and hemicellulose,which could be preferentially converted into carbon micro-spheres at lower temperatures,this was conducive to forming the developed pore structures. The hydrothermal charcoal prepared in the low temperature zone contained both high yield and rich functional groups (453 and 493 K),and the bamboo-based hydrothermal charcoal prepared at 493 K temperature had the largest specific surface area (55.61 m2·g-1) and the smallest average pore size (7.77 nm),with the characteristics of high-quality adsorption structure. While the high temperature zone (513,533 and 573 K) had destroyed the high-quality adsorption structure and functional groups. The U6+ adsorption test results further confirmed that the bamboo-based hydrothermal charcoal prepared at 493 K was the best for U6+ adsorption,and the adsorption capacity reached 12.63 mg·g-1. 【Conclusion】 The U6+ adsorption efficiency of hydrothermal charcoal from D. farinosus under the condition of 493 K is higher,and it has more advantages in resource utilization and nuclear pollution control.
Anatomical Research Based on Methods of Bamboo Culm Softening
XIAO Jiao, HU Si-si, KONG Ling-hui, HU Tian-yi, ZHANG Wen-yuan, YU Fen
2024, 43(1): 36-43.   doi: 10.12390/jbr2023046
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【Objective】 In order to explore the effects of different softening methods on the structure and main components of bamboo timber,and select the best softening method suitable for different research purposes. 【Method】 Microsections of bamboo culm of Phyllostachys edulis 'Pachyloen’ were taken as the research object,and the paraffin section method with microscopy techniques and UV spectroscopy was used.【Result】 The results showed that the structure was complete and clear after softened by water and chemical softener except triethylene glycol and hydrofluoric acid,which led bamboo culm structure rupture. Besides,ethylenediamine was the optimal softener for the preparation of microsection of bamboo culm.【Conclusion】 10% ethylenediamine softening in a water bath at 100 ℃ was the most convenient and fastest,which was suitable for microscopic sectioning of bamboo plants with high degree of lignification for structural research purposes. For component investigation of bamboo culm,the optimal softening treatment was being softened in a 100 ℃ distilled water bath. The results of this study provides a reference basis for basic research of bamboo culm utilization.
A Study on the Courtship and Mating Behavior of Adults of Bamboo Shoot Wireworm
QIU Guo-qiang, WU Yan-fen, PENG Guan-di, PAN De-shou, SHI Jian, GAO Bai-long, CHEN Yi-jie, SHU Jin-ping
2024, 43(1): 44-49.   doi: 10.12390/jbr2023054
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【Objective】 Bamboo shoot wireworm,Melanotus cribricollis is an important underground pest in bamboo forests in Southern China. To study the courtship and mating behavior of the adults for the development of sex pheromone attractants and their application is of great significance. 【Method】 In the present study,the characteristics and rhythms of courtship and mating behavior of M. cribricollis adults were observed at night. 【Result】 The courtship and mating behavior of M. cribricollis adults showed obvious phase characteristics. After entering the dark phase for 90 minutes,the courtship and mating behavior began,with the peak period to be found during 21∶30 to 0∶30. The age of adults excavated from the soil had no significant impact on the courtship rhythm of adults,but the mating ratio was closely related to the age of the adults. Mating behavior was observed on the first day of excavation from the soil,and reached the peak on the third day,then ended seven days later. 【Conclusion】 The peak period of courtship and mating for M. cribricollis adults is obvious,and thus it is suitable to use pheromone induced killing or mating interference in the management of bamboo shoot wireworms.
Species and Biological Characteristics of Gall Insects on Phyllostachys violascens 'Prevernalis’ in Hangzhou City,Zhejiang Province
SUN Jiao-jiao, GENG Xian-sheng, WANG Wen-peng, LOU Ke-xun, HUA Ke-da, WANG Xiao-jie
2024, 43(1): 50-56.   doi: 10.12390/jbr2023057
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【Objective】 In this study,the damage of gall-induced pests in Phyllostachys violascens 'Prevernalis’ forests in Hangzhou city,Zhejiang province was investigated,and the biological characteristics of gall insects were studied,which could provide a basis for developing efficient control technology of gall-induced pests. 【Method】 In the study,sampling method was used to investigate the damage of gall-induced pests. Indoor rearing methods and bioassay methods were used to study the biological characteristics of the species composition,quantitative characteristics,and eclosion rhythms in gall insects. 【Result】 The results showed that the damage ratio of gall-induced pests in Ph. violascens 'Prevernalis’ forest exceeded 85.00%,and the average insect population exceeded 18.35 per disc of branch. In the study,four species of gall-induced pests,Tetramesa bambusaeT. phyllostrachitisAiolomorphus rhopaloides and Procystiphora sp. were reared from the galls of Ph. violascens 'Prevernalis’. The individual numbers of T. bambusae and T. phyllostrachitis accounted for 96.20% of the total,which were the most important gall-induced pests on Ph. violascens 'Prevernalis’. The initial egg load and egg size of T. bambusae were larger than those of T. phyllostrachitis,but the lifespan of female T. bambusae was shorter than that of T. phyllostrachitis. Seven species of parasitic wasps,Eupelmus urozonusHomoporus japonicasH. sinensisOrmyrus punctigerSycophila flavaNorbanus longifasciatus and N. aiolomorphi,survived in the galls of Ph. violascens 'Prevernalis’. E. urozonus had the largest number of parasitic wasps. 【Conclusion】 T. bambusae and T. phyllostrachitis were the most important gall-induced pests on Ph. violascens 'Prevernalis’. Procystiphora sp. is a newly reported gall-induced pest of bamboo in Zhejiang Province. Seven parasitoid species survived in the galls of Ph. violascens 'Prevernalis’,which were important biological factors for inhibiting gall-induced pests,and these parasitic wasps should be protected and fully utilized.
Progressive Evolution of China’s Bamboo Sector:An Examination of Key Features and Determinants, A Comparative Study Focusing on Zhejiang and Sichuan Provinces
CHEN Chang-ming, ZHAO Fu-ming, ZHOU Yong-chao, YING Meng-jia, WANG Dan-ting, SHEN Yue-qin
2024, 43(1): 57-63.   doi: 10.12390/jbr2023049
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【Objective】 In the context of continuously increased labor costs,the bamboo industry in China takes on differentiated developmental trends,impacting its income-increasing effects,highlighting an urgent need for attention. 【Method】 This paper traces the development history of China’s bamboo industry to grasp its current status. The focus then shifts to the provincial scale,comparatively analyzing the development characteristics and influencing factors of the bamboo industry in Zhejiang and Sichuan provinces. 【Result】 Comparative analysis indicates that:(1) Regarding the factors of natural resources,due to differences in bamboo species resources,the two provinces have adopted distinct industrial orientations. Zhejiang is directed towards a comprehensive bamboo industry chain,while Sichuan emphasizes bamboo pulping and papermaking as its pillar industries. (2) In the aspects of labor force and industry resources,Zhejiang prefers attracting high-skilled labor,having obtained significant added value,and its industry agglomeration effect is pronounced. In contrast,Sichuan,though its labor costs are lower,leans heavily on low-skilled labor force. (3) At the policy level,Zhejiang prioritizes technological innovation,in-depth product processing,and environmental sustainability. Sichuan,however,leans more on resources utilization and the development of the papermaking sector,with a higher tolerance of pollution-intensive industries. 【Conclusion】 In light of the above results,it’s imperative to innovate developmental models with an emphasis on processing. Furthermore,there’s a need to bolster the growth of small and micro-enterprises,advocating green technological advancements,and finally needing to intensify collaboration with research institutions to address environmental issues.
Landscape Evaluation and Reconstruction Strategies of Scenic Recreation Bamboo Forests in Southwest China
LIU Ge-yan, WANG Yu-qian, HUANG Yin-shu, SHENG Zhi-yi, HUANG Xiao, CHEN Qi-bin, JIANG Ming-yan
2020, 39(2): 66-73.  
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研究以西南地区竹林风景区为研究对象,运用层次分析法(AHP法)构建了包含5个准则层、20个指标层的风景竹林林内景观评价指标体系,其中准则层权重为林内美学指标(0.286 4) > 竹林健康指标(0.244 2) > 林分结构指标(0.176 9) > 林下特征指标(0.166 3) > 林木测树指标(0.126 2);运用美景度评价法(SBE法)研究了每个准则层中的主要评价指标(平均枝下高、立竹密度、倒伏度、林下层整齐度、通视性)的类目等级与竹林美景度值的相关性。研究结果表明人们偏爱枝下高在5.5 m以上、竹林密度适当(散生竹6 000~12 000株·hm-2,丛生竹700~1 100丛·hm-2)、几乎没有倒伏(或倒伏竹株数≤2株·100m-2)、林下层整齐、通视性在20 m以上的竹林,由此提出了风景竹林林内景观改造提升建议。
Bamboo Weaving Technology in Sichuan Province
WU Jie-yu, CHEN Hong, WU Zhi-hui, FEI Ben-hua, ZHNAG Wen-fu
2020, 39(1): 90-94.  
[Abstract](910) [PDF 882KB](203)
The Optimization of Bamboo Heat Treatment Process
HONG You-you, WENG Fu-jin, PAN Xin
2020, 39(2): 45-50.  
[Abstract](1866) [PDF 2733KB](271)
对竹材饱和蒸汽炭化热处理工艺参数进行了优化研究,分析其对竹材加工废水和竹材颜色的影响,试验结果表明,竹材热处理时间和饱和蒸气压对其废水排放量和COD值均呈正相关,即饱和蒸气压越高、处理时间越长,则废水排放量越多、COD值越高;且当饱和蒸汽压超过4.2 MPa·s时(对应热处理温度为250℃左右),竹材加工废水COD值跃增。通过色差L*、b*、ΔE*值与蒸煮饱和蒸气压和炭化时间的线性关系,建立竹材色差与热处理工艺的相关性数学模型,根据现有竹材产品颜色预估热处理工艺。具此分别对浅色系、中深色系、深色系加工竹材进行工艺优化,相比与传统工艺,优化竹材热处理工艺分别降低单位质量废水排放量11.53%、11.32%、12.5%,总有机物排放量分别降低51.91%、43.03%、28.56%,具有较好的实际生产指导意义。
The Response of Stoichiometry of Leaf Carbon,Nitrogen and Phosphorus of Phyllostachys edulis Forests to Altitude
HUANG Shu-rong, XIE Yan-yan, CHEN Shuang-lin, GUO Zi-wu
2020, 39(1): 73-78.  
[Abstract](1588) [PDF 1103KB](102)
The Influence of Developing Understory Economy of Moso Forests on Rural Revitalization——A Case Study of Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province
XIU Cheng-ming, YU Hai-han, GAI Xu, ZHANG Jia-jia, BIAN Fang-yuan
2020, 39(2): 79-84.  
[Abstract](549) [PDF 3643KB](76)
Impact of Different Nitrogen Fertilizer on Growth and Development of Bambusa emeiensis Shoots
TAN Jia-rui, CHEN Yu-peng, XU Gang, REN Peng, CAO Ying, HU Shang-lian
2020, 39(1): 79-85.  
[Abstract](1416) [PDF 3261KB](62)
Identification of Key Areas of Visual Landscape in Yixing Bamboo Sea Based on Sensitivity-Subjective Preference Matrix
JIANG Xiao-yu, FAN Shao-hui, YIN Zi-xu, WANG Shu-mei, GUAN Feng-ying
2020, 39(3): 78-90.  
[Abstract](560) [PDF 3660KB](55)
Research Progress of International Bamboo Forest Carbon Sequestration in the Last 30 Years Based on Bibliometric Analysis
ZHANG Hong-yan, ZHOU Yu-feng, ZHANG Yuan, XU Xiao-jun, LI Chong, XU Lin
2020, 39(1): 13-23.  
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通过文献计量学可视化分析方法客观评价国际竹林碳汇研究进程,了解国际竹林碳汇研究前沿,从而进一步推动中国竹林碳汇研究的发展。采用VOSviewer软件和文献计量学方法,以Web of Science数据库核心合集为数据源,分析近30 a国际竹林碳汇研究的历程。结果表明:①国际竹林碳汇研究发文量呈井喷式增长;②竹林碳汇研究主要集中于中国、美国、日本3个国家,研究作者群体呈现"大分散、小聚集";③研究方向呈现多元化趋势,以环境科学为最多;④竹林碳汇研究的资助机构以中国国家自然科学基金为最多,资助文献达到354篇,H指数最高;⑤竹林碳汇目前研究内容逐渐多样化,在竹林生态系统碳汇精准监测、竹林碳汇的影响机制、竹林土壤微生物与土壤碳循环机理等成为近几年的研究热点。通过对国内外的关键词共现分析,了解竹林碳汇领域整体研究的背景,分析了竹林碳汇研究的阶段历程,得出竹林碳汇研究的热点和发展趋势,对今后的研究具有一定的参考价值。
Preparation and Characterization of Activated Carbon from Bambusa blumeana Schult.f with Steam Method
YING Wei-jun, ZHONG Jin-huan, ZHAO Ke-yu, ZHANG Wen-biao, HONG Rong-ping, QIU De-bin
2020, 39(3): 67-72.  
[Abstract](633) [PDF 3030KB](96)
以刺竹炭为原料,采用水蒸气活化法制备刺竹活性炭,研究活化温度和活化时间对活性炭性能的影响,并对活性炭得率、灰分含量、碘吸附值和亚甲基蓝吸附值等进行测试和分析。结果表明:当活化温度为840℃、活化时间为120 min时,刺竹活性炭得炭率为48.5%、碘吸附值为1 141.56 mg·g-1、亚甲基蓝吸附值为150 mg·g-1、灰分含量为14.63%,微孔率高达88.3%,具有良好的吸附性能;经SEM表征,经活化后的刺竹活性炭,出现大量孔隙结构,具有较大的比表面积。
Preliminary Study on Early Shooting and High Yield Cultivation Technology of Pleioblastus amarus
XIAO Long-hua, WU Bo-lin, HU Biao, LI Chao-de, XUE Xing-fu
2020, 39(2): 15-18.  
[Abstract](1871) [PDF 3319KB](241)
Xuyong county is rich in Pleioblastus amarus resources, covering an area of more than 40,000 mu. Pleioblastus amarus forests are mainly distributed in Longfeng, Xuyong, Tianchi, Shuiwei, and Lianghe town, their management is extensive, most of them are in a state of desolation, and the economic benefits are very poor. In order to improve the economic benefits of Pleioblastus amarus forests, poverty alleviation and cooperation experts from Zhejiang and Sichuan province carried out an early-shooting and high-yield cultivation technology experiment in Pleioblastus amarus forests in 2019. The experimental forest with an area of 13.6 Mu was established by replacing conventional covering materials with waste bamboo chips. The results showed that the surface soil temperature was obviously increased by the covering waste bamboo chips. The bamboo shoots appeared 77 days earlier than normal control and the shooting period was extended to 82 days. The yield was 24 t·hm-1 and the benefit was 260 thousand Yuan·hm-2. The covering cost was greatly reduced and the economic benefit was improved. The post-coverage waste bamboo chips can be reused as culture medium material of edible fungi under the forests to realize the secondary utilization. A set of early-shooting and high-yield cultivation technology of Pleioblastus amarus was proposed, this may provide a demonstration for farmers to increase their income and overcome poverty in Sichuan Province.
An Elite Variety of Bambusa wenchouensis ‘Gonghou Provenance’
YUE Jin-Jun, YUAN Na, LIN Feng, YUAN Jin-Ling
2020, 39(2): 1-3.  
[Abstract](1619) [PDF 4619KB](75)
The Bambusa wenchouensis ‘Gonghou Provenance’ is an elite variety with tall culm,thick culm wall,long internodes,thin branches,fine timber qualities,cold tolerance,and high yield, which has been bred from a large number of provenances. Its adult shoots mostly grow up to a height of 12-16 m,a diameter of 8-10 cm,an internode length of 37-50 cm,and a wall thickness of 16-20 mm. Its annual bamboo productivity can reach above 30 t·hm-2. The bamboo has good properties and long fibers, being good for bamboo plywood and paper making. It has a good cold resistance and can be planted in the northern margin of the adaptive zone of sympodial bamboos. Its main branches are thin, and convenient for culm harvest and transport.

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