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Apr.  2021
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CHEN Ke-yi, LI Zhi-yong. Research Progress on Bamboo and Rattan Technology in Southeast Asian Countries along the Belt and Road[J]. JOURNAL OF BAMBOO RESEARCH, 2020, 39(1): 1-12.
Citation: CHEN Ke-yi, LI Zhi-yong. Research Progress on Bamboo and Rattan Technology in Southeast Asian Countries along the Belt and Road[J]. JOURNAL OF BAMBOO RESEARCH, 2020, 39(1): 1-12.

Research Progress on Bamboo and Rattan Technology in Southeast Asian Countries along the Belt and Road

  • Received Date: 2020-01-07
    Available Online: 2021-04-29
  • Publish Date: 2021-04-29
  • Bamboo and rattan resources have great comprehensive benefits, and science and technology are the key factors to ensure them to give full play in economic construction, improvement of people's livelihood and ecological maintenance. There are abundant bamboo and rattan resources in Southeast Asia. With the continuous deepening of the Belt and Road construction, it provides an opportunity for China and Southeast Asian countries to carry out international cooperation in bamboo and rattan science and technology. Taking 11 Southeast Asian countries along the Belt and Road as research object, this paper aims to analyze and summarize the development of bamboo and rattan technology in this region through literature review and data statistics. The results showed that: (1) the scientific and technological research on bamboo and rattan in Southeast Asia was insufficient, and the development levels varied with countries, and Malaysia and Indonesia had relatively strong comprehensive strength; (2) the research results were mainly in the form of scientific and technological journal papers, while the number of patent results is very few, and the technology transfer and transformation ability was weak; (3) the research content focused on the applied researches and payed little attention to the basic theoretical study; (4) there are few researchers and research institutions, and the level of support for the development of bamboo and rattan technology is limited. Generally speaking, there are many problems, such as weak science and technology foundation, mismatch between science and technology innovation ability and industrial development scale, and low application level of bamboo and rattan achievements. China and Southeast Asia countries should strengthen scientific and technological cooperation on bamboo and rattan. It is suggested that we should focus on the top-level design of scientific and technological cooperation, highlight the important areas of scientific and technological cooperation, enrich the platforms for scientific and technological cooperation, and expand educational and training cooperation models.
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